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Veg Dishes - Hyderabadi Zaiqa

  • Mirchi ka Salan

    Having a slow day? Let the hot-pungent taste of Mirchi ka Salan give you the kick you so badly crave. The perfect balance in the dish comes from the coconut paste that is added for a unique, refreshing flavour. This dish will make you come back for more!

  • Khatti Dal

    This piquant Hyderabadi style lentil stew will give you a loud chattka. The star ingredient of this dish is tamarind, which lends the dal its zesty flavour, making it more tempting than ever. Relish this with rice and a meat dish!

  • Hyderabadi Khichdi

    If you thought khichdi is boring & bland, you're in for a pleasant surprise! Spicy in taste, the Hyderabadi khicdhi is gooey in texture and served hot with lots of desi ghee. This recipe is a popular breakfast packed with nutrition and tasty flavours.

  • Shahi Tukda

    Time to keep the foodathon going. And what better way to do it than rich, creamy Hyderabadi sweets. Shahi Tukda, made with bread and cream, is the most sumptuous dessert you'll have ever tasted. Its rich taste will transport you to the era of the royals and nawabs. The best part is that it tastes equally delicious when served hot or cold.

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